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Bangladesh Sides Take Cricket Sixes Titles at HuaHin - 6/4/2016



The final day of the 21stBangkok Post Invitational HuaHin Cricket Sixes saw marvelous play.  And it was true cricket.


For the second year in a row, the Veterans Final came down to the last ball.  And once again the Leongatha Woodchoppers, batting second, hit the ball hard, only to have their opponents to come up with a catch to preserve the victory.   This year, it was Baden Powell who brokeLeongatha hearts, when Glen Elmi held the catch off Graham Wilson’s delivery to win the day. 

In the Masters final the teams also kept the crowds in suspense.  The Black Swans put on a decent total and defended it fiercely.  On the last ball, Narayanganj needed a three to tie and a four to win.  And Narayanganj captain Titu came through, hitting a four, all run, to claim the crown.


The Cup final provided no such suspense.  It had splendid cricket instead.  And the winning part of that splendid cricket was the Walton Warriors’ bowling.  Facing a hard-hitting Carlton team that had brought up a 2016 tournament-high 97 in the semi-final, Narayanganj dominated by holding their foes to only 45 runs and then easily reaching that target. 

In the popular Hua Hin Gift, a running race open to all, 63-year-old Graham Wilson held on to win for the second year in a row.


Hosted by the Hua Hin Dusit Thani and sponsored by the Tourist Authority of Thailand, the Tournament was assessed to be the most successful in all of its 21 years.  Year 22 beckons next April 2017.

Day 1 Results




Carlton CC 0/48 def Melbourne Blue 4/47




Thai Masters 1/76 def Purple Helmets 2/64

Melbourne Masters 0/51 def Thai Masters 2/50




Baden Powell 0/55 def Larng Na Follies

Baden Powell 0/51 def Gold Coast Tigers 2/47

Gold Coast Tigers 0/44 def Cluden CC 1/42

Larng Na Follies 0/41 def Soi Cowboys 5/39

Old Xaverians 3/46 def Western Plains 3/45

Leongatha Woodchoppers 0/50 def Melbourne 5/49

Western Plains 0/36 def Hua Hin Hopalongs 3/34

Leongatha Woodchoppers 0/56 def Old Xaverians 1/55

Hua Hin Hopalongs 1/54 def Melbourne Vets 2/50



Day 2 Results



Carlton CC 1/57 def Melbourne Red 3/47




Thai Masters 3/51 def Black Swans 3/46

Black Swans 1/58 def Melbourne Masters 2/56




Leongatha Woodchoppers 0/51 def Hua Hin Hopalongs 1/49

Leongatha Woodchoppers 1/38 def Western Plains 2/37

Baden Powell 0/34 def Cluden CC 5/32

Western Plains 1/50 def Melbourne Vets 2/46

Baden Powell 2/59 def Soi Cowboy 1/50

Old Xaverians 0/41 def Hua Hin Hopalongs 3/38

Old Xaverians 1/43 def Melbourne Vets 2/39

Gold Coast Tigers 3/52 def Larng Na Follies 2/49


Day 3 Results




Walton Warriors 2/52 d Thai Thevada 1/51



Narayanganj CA 1/85 d Purple Helmets 1/61

Narayanganj CA 1/48 d Thai Masters 4/42

Black Swans CC 0/70 d Purple Helmets 1/68




Gold Coast Tigers 0/53 d Soi Cowboy 0/38,

Soi Cowboy 1/60 d Cluden CC 0/56,

Larng Na Follies 0/59 d Cluden CC 1/58


Day 4 Results




Thai Thevada 1/78 d Melbourne Blue 2/72

Walton Warriors 2/68d Carlton CC 1/64

Melbourne Blue 1/70 d Melbourne Red 3/69




Melbourne Masters 0/48 d Purple Helmets 2/47

Narayanganj CA 1/92 d Black Swans CC 3/37



Baden Powell 1/44 d Western Plains 2/43

Old Xaverians 1/52 d Gold Coast Tigers 3/51

Larng Na Follies 3/63 d Leongatha Woodchoppers 1/62

Baden Powell 0/57 d Old Xaverians 0/56

LeongathaWoodchopers 0/58 d Gold Coast Tigers 4/55


Day 5 Results




Carlton CC 0/72 d Thai Thevada2/66

Walton Warriors 1/56 d Melbourne Red 1/55

Thai Thevada 3/62 d Melbourne Red 3/60

Walton Warriors 1/60 d Melbourne Blue 2/59





Narayanganj CA 1/68 d Melbourne Masters 1/67




Old Xaverians 0/60 d Larng Na Follies 1/59

Gold Coast Tigers 1/41 d Western Plains 2/38

Baden Powell 2/59 d Leongatha Woodchoppers 1/57

Western Plains 0/43 d Larng Na Follies 3/40

Soi Cowboy 2/73 d Melbourne Vets 0/60

HuaHinHopalongs 2/62 d Cluden 0/61

Day 6 Results




Carlton CC 1/97 d Thai Thevada 5/50, Walton Warriors 2/68 d Melbourne Blue 2/63,


Cup Final


Walton Warriors 0/49 d Carlton CC 3/45




Black Swans 1/57 d Melbourne Masters 0/56

Narayanganj 0/43 d Thai Masters 3/42


Masters Final


Narayanganj 2/55 d Black Swans 1/54




Soi Cowboy 1/73 d HuaHinHopalongs 0/70



Veterans Finals


Baden Powell 0/63 d Leongatha Woodchoppers 2/62

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